Evoke Intrigue and Elegance

Each of us embodies a message in what wear.  We have an opportunity to inspire and communicate our perspective to others through this expression. Rebecca Bruce clothing, translates this platform of intrigue to the person who wears them.

I am known for innovative designs with a comfortable elegance. With our fast paced lives, we need to be ready for changing situations and climate. I've found layering pieces the key. Being a mother of 3 children living in the San Francisco bay area; varying climates and situations have prepared me for dynamic shifts.

I search the globe for exquisite fabrics...cashmere, mohair, exotic feathers. I also, re-purpose materials from vintage sources, hand paint or weave in details of chain and beads... All garments are assembled with attention to social responsibility, and the finest handcrafted sewing, made in Sausalito CA.

Many pieces in this collection have mold-ability and versatility built into the design; others are draped in a style that is ready to go. Browse these items with an open mind, noticing nuances in the photos depicting different ways a garment morphs.

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